Build the life you love

Over the next few months there’s a lot to look forward to.

I am currently writing this post from the sofa of the beautiful cottage we’re staying at in Scotland. It took us 14 1/2 hours to get here but it was totally worth it.

For Halloween this year I’ll be going to watch Skindred with mother, dawn and Amber. I’ll also be having my annual horror movie fest but this time it won’t be alone! This time I’ll be with Dan and Wayne.

After that it is Wayne’s birthday and bonfire night. Once again I’m going to drag him out and we’re going to have fireworks, sparklers, cake and games!

Also in November I’ll be going to Birmingham with some friends from work for Addar’s birthday and going to London to watch one of my favourite artists in, what feels like, a once in a lifetime experience!

And then it’s Christmas. Christmas used to be my favourite time of the year but over the last few years, its been the toughest time of the year. This year, though, should be different. This year I have a wonderful person in my life who’s willing to do all my silly childish Christmas traditions. This year I won’t be alone or scared. This year the focus will be on fun and happiness.

There’s a lot to sort out when I’m back from holiday but there’s so much to look forward to, starting yesterday, that I know it’ll be ok and that I’ll make it through.


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