Music is the solution to any problem…

It’s truly something to find a song that speaks to you and encourages you to be better.

Music has a big impact on every persons life. There’s so much out there for every mood you may feel.

Whenever you go through a happy moment or through bad times, music will always be there to help you understand what’s going on in your head.

Music helps you to wake up in the morning, gives you motivation to push yourself at the gym and helps you unwind before bed.

I even have one EP that helps calm me when I feel anxious. It’s 25 minutes long and I know I can just zone out to it for that short time and, once it’s finished, I’m usually out of the situation or at least feel a lot calmer.

Music helps to figure out what you want to say to someone when you’re struggling to put the words together.

But the best thing about music is that it isn’t serious. Music helps with so much in life, but in a fun way. In a way that you, and everyone around you, can enjoy.

There’s (usually) no crying or emotions happening, so you can listen to it anywhere and come up with solutions to problems without anyone even realising.

Music is empowering to all.

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